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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bryce is Two!

Well Bryce turned two last week and I have to say that he has been the best baby a mom could ask for.  Paul and Lisa (ie Papa and Grandma) flew down for the celebration, but didn't get all that they had planned for. We had them help us move into our new rental home the first two days they were here. Then we had them helping us find a new home as the house I picked for us was infested with cockroaches. We were able to get in a little pre-birthday celebration at the park the weekend before his birthday which included lots of presents from the grandparents and a CUPCAKE! Somehow Bryce associates cupcakes with birthdays after attending one such party with cupcakes. So intelligent! According to Lisa he is the "smartest baby ever!" Although we did go to his 2 year well visit at the pediatricians and she was pretty impressed with him.

OOH, a Tennis Racket and balls...guess we should go play.

And Cars matchbook cars...

 Toy Story

And a Tee! Now we must play...
I think that just maybe he will be an athlete when he grow up.

On June 14th Lisa and I then had another little party for Bryce on his actual birthday and yes Bryce got another cupcake.  He also got a real set of golf clubs! He has had a plastic set since before he was born (I got them to tell Ryan that we were pregnant). He has enjoyed those so much we thought that we may as well get him a set like Daddy's.  He certainly loves them. After just a few swings he was waving his hand at me and asking for a glove! I got him the left handed set as that seems to be his preference for now. 

Finally, I went and had professional photos taken due in part to a well-timed Groupon. Thankfully we got quite a number of good shots. I'll be getting them back in the next few weeks and will scan them in to share more. Bryce did do good that Grandma through that he deserved ice cream.

And the one shot we decided to get on CD.

Thank those of you that sent additional birthday gifts. Bryce has been loving the soccer ball, cars, and books. Thank you all for the love and support you have given our family. We miss you all and wish that we could see you all more. Hugs and Kisses.  FYI Bryce and I will be in OR for the Hood to Coast at the end of August, so keep your calendars open! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flashback to November 2011

Well I finally have a huge weight off my shoulders.  I submitted our first Paulos Lab manuscript to Blood last Tuesday and it has not been rejected, so that's an excellent sign.  I also sent off the last of my fellowships to the American Cancer Society last Wednesday. I won't hear back about that one for a few months, but I suspect I will get responses from my Damon Runyon and UTMB Alumni fellowships in the next few weeks. Ugh, the waiting is almost unbearable.  I've got the house in a reasonably clean state again and have even had a few boughts of OCD and organized the pantry, linen closets and Bryce's baby clothes. We are planning to move in a few months when our lease is up, but so far we haven't found anything promising. I am just hoping for a bigger living area without paying a ton. Charleston is expensive. As you will see below in this post and in subsequent posts from last winter Bryce is growing up quick. I can't believe it and I am here with him everyday. Enjoy!

Back to last November... We went to the Festival of Lights at the county park where we go most weekends here on James Island. After going to Moody Gardens in Galveston I wasn't expecting much, but it was awesome. They had taken several months to set up and even longer to put it all away (into March).  Most of it was driveable, but one area was set up for marshmallow roasting, meeting Santa, train rides, etc. They even had pink flamingos, just for me!

Ryan and I kissing under the mistletoe. It took a number of shots because my camera doesn't take good photos at night.

And every light show needs a huge sand sculpture, haha.

The best photo I could get of my boys.

Thanksgiving at Playschool. Ryan and I joined Bryce and his class for a little Thanksgiving lunch. I just don't see how they can get so many kids to sit still and eat. I've still got the hand print turkey Bryce made on the fridge.

Our usual weekend play spot. The annual park pass that we bought last year has come in very handy. We go to the park almost every weekend. 

Only 2 teeth showing, makes him look so young.

Daddy helped him climb the tree!

Atop the Ashley River Bridge connecting downtown Charleston to Mt. Pleasant (don't be fooled- there is no  mountain around). Its a great walk and where I will be running a lot here shortly to prepare for the Hood to Coast as it is really the biggest/only hill in the city.

We went downtown one weekend and they had a bounce house set up for the kids. Thankfully we were only one of two kids in it. Careful Bryce it's slippery...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter candy monster

This morning we went to Easter service and came home the Easter Bunny had left Bryce a basket hidden in his new Cars tent (thanks to Auntie Steph). He got a coloring book, several books, a Wheelie Lightning McQueen and a giant bubble wand. After Bryce's nap we went out to the backyard and hunted for eggs filled with stickers or candy. We rarely give Bryce candy...and we have created a monster.  We had practiced searching for eggs inside and Bryce devoured the couple of jelly beans inside. Slobber running down his chin and searching for more eggs to no avail.  We headed outside and he went along opening every egg as soon as he found it and wasn't concerned with putting them in the basket first.  He would then immediately eat the candy inside and move on.  Stickers, which he is usually quite the fan of, couldn't compare to his desire for candy.

Bryce's first Peep!

Watch for the drool at the end of the video...loving that candy!

Rooting for Phil during the Masters!